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Health Benefits of Eating Enough Amino Acids

If you intend to maintain a balanced diet, you must know the types of nutrients you will get from various kinds of foods to avoid eating foods that will give the body the same types of nutrients daily. Avoid eating more fat and starch choose to maintain a diet that has more proteins and vitamins. Here are some of the essential amino acids that your body needs more than the non-essential amino acids.

The molecules that methionine produce have sulphur that enables them to improve the functioning of cells. Insist on having meat, eggs and fish because your body needs methionine to repair muscles by activating protein synthesis when you get hurt during workouts.

As a bodybuilder, lysine should never miss on your diet because it improves muscle mass. The body also absorbs more iron, zinc and calcium and generate adequate collagen when it has enough lysine. Collagen, iron, zinc and calcium increase the rate of recovery when the body gets injuries and wounds. Lysine eliminates hormonal imbalances and strengthens the immunity by triggering the production of hormones and antibodies. Your boy is safe from a severe cold sore outbreak, and its blood pressure is regulated to a regular rate when you have lysine. Eat more pork, poultry, soybeans, sardines and brewer’s yeast to get lysine because low levels of this amino acid lead to hair loss and delayed hair growth, fatigue and low concentration levels.

Threonine metabolizes into gylice, which significantly impacts the functionality of the brain, and controls muscle spasticity. Doctors recommend that one who has muscle and nerve disorders to consume foods that have more glycine because it is the medicine. Other amino acids and glycine team up to produce collagen and tooth enamel. Gelatin, milk and eggs have enough threonine amino acids.

There is o much tryptophan in soybeans, chocolate, peanuts, cheese, sesame seeds, eggs and turkey meat. Tryptophan boosts the amount of serotonin in the body for serotonin to enhance the feelings of the person and relieve pain and some medications help in increasing the serotonin level significantly when they react with tryptophan.

Phenylalanine is a precursor for neurotransmitters like adrenaline such as norepinephrine, epinephrine and dopamine and also the cure for PKU genetic disorder. This amino acid calms the body; hence it builds up in the brain and the blood plasma. Those who love wheat germ, cottage cheese, meat and squash seeds are lucky because their bodies have enough phenylalanine amino acid.

Valine controls the level of stress, muscle metabolism and energy levels. It also makes muscles to grow and renew. Since cognitive disorder are a result of low levels of valine in the body lease at enough soybeans, meat, cheese and vegetables to increase the level of valine in the body.

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