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Top 7 Bugs Found in Our Homes

Most of us have probably experienced bugs in our homes at some point in time. The bugs you have come across probably appear in our list of top bugs to find in homes. All the bugs mentioned below may not necessarily be in one home at once but it can still happen.

Bedbugs are the first bugs on our list. Despite what the name suggests, bedbugs are not necessarily found only in beds. You will come across bedbugs in dark corners, wooden parts of the house, beds and even clothes. Although some think that bedbugs only occur as a result of dirt, you will find that even the cleanest of homes can easily be infested by bedbugs. One can bring it into the home from outside and since they multiply fast two bedbugs could turn into thousands. It is wise to hire a pest control company if at all you have difficulty ridding your home of bedbugs.
You are very likely to come across spiders in homes from time to time. There are so many species of spiders and depending on your location, you will find a different kind of spiders. While spiders are not bothersome a spider bite could prove quite harmful.
Another bug that you likely to find in homes is an ant. Just like all other living organisms, there are so many species and they can vary from region to region, for example, the florida ants found in Florida. Even though they may not be there in a full-blown infestation you are bound to come across one or two scouting for food for the colony. Killing a single ant will not benefit you so instead you could have a pest control company deal with an entire colony.
On our list is termites. Termites have made a name for themselves as destructive bugs. To avoid extensive damages and losses to parts of your home, you need to get rid of them.
Cockroaches are probably the most resilient of bugs seeing that they seem to adapt to the conditions around them. They could start by eating food crumbs but if that becomes scarce they will not hesitate to eat something else to survive. Seeing that most cockroaches multiply so fast, they could become so hard to control when they become so many.
Ticks cannot miss on our list of common bugs. One of the dangers of ticks is Lyme disease which comes with symptoms such as rashes and flu-like symptoms. They usually attack livestock and any terrestrial mammals; they can easily transfer to humans.
The last common bug is centipedes. Since centipedes feed on other bugs, once you get rid of other bugs the centipedes will move to look for another food source.
At least now you know 7 of the most common bugs found in homes today.