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Various events are held each month in different places. The event organizers have to ensure that music is played by inviting major artists and bands to perform. The music played depends on the theme of the event and the people present at the function. The music can be jazz, classic, reggae, hip-hop, pop, and RnB. The performances are mostly live, and bands play the instrumental part to make it lively. There is a high chance that the instruments used are drumsets, guitar, keyboard, violin, and beatmaker. The drumset produces high-pitched sounds in the bass, and sometimes it may distort the flow of music. That is why a balance has to be created by installing drum enclosures. The enclosures reduce the decibel that vibrates across the room. The enclosures are made from different materials from plastic and glass to reduce any vibrations that distort the acoustics.

The drum shield reduces the stage volume by instruments that produce a loud sound. When the volume is not reduced, the vocals and other instruments cannot be heard in a live performance. There would also be too much noise as each instrument player tries to be heard. This creates bad acoustics in performance, and only the drum shield or enclosure can reduce the stage volume and allow good acoustics. The venue of the live performance determines whether the drum shield is necessary. It is also about control whereby the sound engineer can work with various individuals who play different instruments to balance the sounds produced by each instrument. Drum set sounds mainly overshadow other sounds produced by microphones and lighter instruments. The cymbals and the drums produce louder sounds, which can be hectic for any sound engineer in a live performance.

The drum enclosures are available in different designs. Their price range also varies depending on the manufacturer or designers. When the drum enclosure is expensive, then the noise reduction is also high. Sound engineers now have a solution that will ensure that distortion of sounds doesn’t happen when there is a live performance. The drum shield is usually placed in Infront of the drum set and enclosed to hear other instruments. The sound is directed to the speakers directly, whereby the sound engineer controls the levels of sounds produced. There will be no bleed-over of the drum sets sound on the speakers.
Various problems occur when a bleed-over occurs, and it includes poor monitor mixes and other major problems. The performance will not be enjoyable to the crowd since the flow of sounds has been hindered. They will only hear the drum set, which is predominant when all instruments are played in a particular set. Drum enclosures have made the live performance more lively and better due to the reduction of the sounds. The vocals can be heard clearly without any distortion or overpowering the sounds of the instruments. It is high time house engineers encouraged the drummers to agree to the drum enclosure to make the event an exciting one that people will remember in their lifetime.

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